What is Pastor Steele’s background?

Pastor Steele grew up in New Jersey but has spent the past ten years living in New York City and Washington, D.C.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in Theater and always wanted to be an actress or a teacher – now she gets to do both while sharing the good news of Jesus Christ every Sunday morning!  She is currently working towards a Masters of Divinity at Drew Theological Seminary.

About Pastor Laura Steele

Pastor Steele is a wife, mother, artist, and preacher – she is currently serving two churches in the United Methodist Conference of Greater New Jersey while attending Drew Theological Seminary.  Laura loves working in missions, outreach, and especially with children and youth.  She loves to write and enjoys long days at the beach basking in God’s wondrous Creation.

Who is Pastor Laura Steele?

Laura is a devout and committed Christian woman.  God called her at a young age to be a servant of Jesus Christ. She has an amazing family: husband Lou, beautiful daughter Juliet, newborn son Lucas, and two awesome cats Ruffino and Gizmo.